Self-propelled crane rental service in Hai Phong, Viet Nam

Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company provides professional leasing services for cranes in Hai Phong, Viet Nam

What are self-propelled cranes? Crane has many types. The crane has a crane function and has the function of carrying goods so it is called a self-propelled crane.

máy đóng gói chuyên cung cấp máy đóng gói chất lượng hàng đầu Việt Nam

Self-propelled crane rental service at preferential prices

Currently, there are many types of self-propelled cranes with different weights, such as:

  • Self-propelled crane 2 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 3 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 5 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 8 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 10 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 15 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 20 tons
  • Self-propelled crane 21 tons

With a team of skilled technicians who are always ensure the type of self-propelled crane to operate and move safely, without damaged. Experienced drivers are committed to providing you with the best service and fastest, no loss, no fall when traveling on the road.

Crane rental services of Thanh Nguyen JSC

In addition to leasing cranes in Hai Phong, Viet Nam, Thanh Nguyen Trading Joint Stock Company also has cars with self-propelled cranes attached and there are trunks for moving and transporting goods more conveniently on the roads.

The cranes range from small to large load to serve all needs of transportation, goods circulation. In small quantities such as 1 ton self-propelled crane, 2-ton self-propelled crane can move even in crowded and urban areas, with narrow traffic and high density.

Truck crane is designed to work with lifting and unloading of goods, equipment, moving long distances, heavy items that people can hardly do. Using crane rental service of Thanh Nguyen JSC, you can save your time, laborers, ensure the production and business activities of the producer. You need to transport and unload large loads, or move equipment, bulky furniture, please contact us for quick service and you will be consulted for selection of crane trucks appropriate, cost-effective

Self-propelled crane rental services of Thanh Nguyen JSC

There are many different forms you can hire as follows:

  • Rent of crane for work shift
  • Rent by day
  • Rent by month
  • Rent by quarter
  • Rent in the form of package works

Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company always meet the needs of customers in the service of cranes in Haiphong, with different needs we always satisfy those needs by the variety forms of lease. With the flexibility of time as well as the variety of vehicles.

We are always a trust and reliable address for individual and business customers. Whenever you need transportation services, Thanh Nguyen JSC is always your first priority for you. Please contact us on 0906.04.11.78 for the best advice.

Rental location in Hai Phong, Viet Nam

Thanh Nguyen JSC provides services in urban districts and suburbs of Hai Phong city:

Do Son district

An Lao district

Kien Thuy district

Thuy Nguyen district

An Duong district

Tien Lang district

Hong Bang district

Le Chan district

Ngo Quyen district

Kien An district

Hai An district

Vinh Bao district

Cat Hai district

Bach Long Vi district

Duong Kinh district

Besides, we also provide services for great industrial zones in Hai Phong

Other services besides self-leasing crane of Thanh Nguyen Joint Stock Company

Along with self-propelled crane, service is one of the best areas that Thanh Nguyen JSC provides to customers in Hai Phong. We specialize in leasing:

With more than 50 cranes in Haiphong Viet Nam specializing in construction and service all over the site, we are committed to service with prestige, quality and more professional in each service site. The difference is that you can hire crane any time you need, just call hotline 0906.04.11.78 we will support you quickly to serve for the best job.

The process of renting self-propelled crane of Thanh Nguyen trading company

  • Survey the actual needs of crane rental in Hai Phong, Viet Nam. 

Through years of providing many services to customers, we are always a reliable and prestigious address of many customers. With the needs of transport vehicles and lifting. We will send technical staff down to the customer’s work, detailed survey aims to increase the efficiency of each type of construction before the construction as well as ensure the progress of time, save money. charge for the customer

  • Making quotations:

The survey information, business department will have detailed information about each item of construction to you in the shortest time. With the professional in quotation as well as serving the construction of goods in Haiphong. We are always a leading brand in the field of crane service in Hai Phong.

  • Signing contract:

On the basis of the two parties agreed to sign documents to implement the work. Thanh Nguyen JSC always guarantees to you the best conditions such as payment conditions, favorable conditions during the construction process on the basis of cooperation of mutual benefit

  • Performance:

After signing the contract, Thanh Nguyen JSC will gather and move the lifting equipment such as cranes, forklifts at the gathering place of customers in Hai Phong. Then carry out procedures and tasks as required by customers.

  • Payment

After the construction, you can pay us in various forms such as bank transfer or in cash .


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