Hire a forklift truck in Hai Phong

The demand for Hiring a forklift truck in Hai Phong in 2021 is increasing day by day, to meet the increasing needs of customers to lift people working at height in Hai Phong. Currently, Asia-Appolo Vina specializes in renting scissor lifts, boomlifts, lifts of all kinds with all kinds of heights from 6 meters to 48 meters to meet customers’ different needs.

Hai Phong forklift rental service

Since its inception, forklifts have helped people solve many problems related to working at very high altitudes above the ground that no other vehicle can meet. Specifically, some forklifts have different lifting features as follows:

Model Genie GS 1530, GS 1930, GS 2032, GS 2046, GS 2632, GS 2646, GS 2669 DC, GS 3232, GS 3246, GS 3369, GS 4047, GS 4069.

Model Genie GS 2669 RT, GS 2669 DC, GS 3369 DC, GS 3369 RT, GS 3384 RT, GS 3390 RT, 4069 RT, 4069 DC, GS 4390 RT, GS 5390 RT

Model Type: Genie S40, S45, S60, S65, Genie S80, Genie 85,

JLG600AJ,Grove AMZ86XT, Aichi SP 180, JLG 80 HX, Condor T66J, Snorkel ATB 40, PRO 100, TB 120, Genie Upright SB60

Scissor Lift: Genie 3246, Halloute, JLG, Snorkel…

Scissor lift for rent

Scissor lift (ziczac) is a common forklift used to lift people to heights with an average working height of less than 18 meters such as 6 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters. Asia-Appolo Vina Company specializes in scissor lift rental in Hai Phong with a variety of vehicles serving everywhere. If you have any need, just give us a quick call to our hotline for advice and the cheapest quote.

Scissor lifts are often used to lift people working in warehouses to arrange goods, decorate or repair light bulbs, work in fire protection, cleaning, and it can be used for outdoor work.

Boomlift forklift rental

Boomlift forklift is a vehicle that meets your lifting needs at a height of over 18 meters to 60 meters to serve the needs of all customers in difficult working positions and at high altitudes. scissor truck that the scissor truck can’t do. Boomlift vehicles have the following forms:

– Forklift boom lift with folding joints

– Vertical Lifts

– And other forklifts.

Advantages of renting a forklift at Asia-Appolo Vina

• Fast, cost-effective
• To ensure safety, our vehicles are always maintained and maintained
• Have a full VAT invoice
• 24/7 technical support during forklift rental
• Professional service with experience serving thousands of customers.

Address to rent a forklift in Hai Phong

Hai Phong crane forklift service – Asia Appolo Vina
No. 2/181 Hung Vuong, So Dau, Hong Bang, Hai Phong
Phone: 0938266068